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3D VR BOX 2.0 Version VR Virtual Reality - Bookourorder

3D VR BOX 2.0 Version VR Virtual Reality

Rs. 399.00


Experience Virtual Reality:

This 3D VRBox 2.0 headsets will bring you to an immpersive, fabulous virtual world while you playing games, watching 3D videos, with this 3D VR device you will find the VR world is amazing, if you want your child has an unparalleled childhood or make you different, then this 3D glasses will be your best choice

Adjustable Spherical Lens:

This 3D gear come with two adjustable lens, allowing you to adjust the focus through moving the button on the top of the VR GLASSES, so you can free up your myopia glasses(under 600 degree)when you enjoy the 3D virtual reality

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